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Background on Coconut Telegraph Coconut Telegraph Corporation (Coconut) is a developer and provider of specialized customer billings and management software and systems. On February 1, 2012, Coconut entered into an arrangement with Buffett Worldwide Inc. (Buffett) to deliver the Volcano System and provide one year of post contract customer support (PCS) beginning March 1, 2012. Buffett paid $12,000 on February 1, 2012, for the Volcano System and the related PCS. On May 1, 2012, and in a separate contract, Coconut agreed to provide Buffett with (1) training services on the customer management system and (2) an additional year of PCS. Under the terms of this agreement, Buffett immediately paid consideration of $4,500 for the…show more content…
Therefore, the arrangement for the system would not be within the scope of ASC 985-605 and would likely fall within the scope of ASC 605-25 and 605-20. Revenue Recognition – April 30, 2012 Agreement Based on the information outlined above, the revenue recognition accounting would follow that for Multiple-Element Arrangements as outlined in ASC 605-25. The accounting units of system and PCS will be accounting for separately, because the criteria of ASC 605-25-5-a are met: “The delivered item or items have value to the customer on a standalone basis. The item or items have value on a standalone basis if any vendor sells them separately or the customer could resell the delivered item(s) on a standalone basis. In the context of a customer's ability to resell the delivered item(s), this criterion does not require the existence of an observable market for the deliverable(s).” As outlined in the case, both the customer support system and the post-contract customer support have standalone relative selling prices of $12,000 and $2,000, and could be purchased separately. Therefore, it is appropriate to use Vendor-Specific Objective Evidence to determine the amount of revenue to recognize for the system ASC 605-25-30 and the breakout for PCS, but PCS will also be subject to nonrefundable up-front fee stipulations for revenue recognition. According to ASC 605-10-S99 SEC Materials and the SEC’s codification of Staff
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