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Coconut water vitamin enhanced soda with a splash of lime • A description of your target market There has been a shift away from sales of carbonated softdrinks, due in part to consumers’ concerns about sugars and sweeteners used in the products. Sports and energy drinks, loaded with sugars and caffeine, do not offer an alternative that offers sweetness and a ‘healthy’ choice. Enter coconut water. Coconut water, harvested from young coconuts, is rich in potassium, which makes it a superior hydration product after exercise (Salter, 2010). While this claim has been disputed in the same article, it can be offered to both energy drink users as well as former soft drink and sports drink consumers looking for an alternative. Their target…show more content…
These logical drivers require specific information marketing, such as ‘make the better choice’ or other similar messaging. Soft drink consumers who are breaking buying habits likely do so emotionally. They know their habits haven’t been the best, and making better choices will serve them well. Reaching them requires a different message, as the direct comparison not only reminds them of their prior poor choices, but likely targets drink behemoths with advertising and pricing budgets that would be hard to survive. Sports drink consumers have expanded from athletes to others looking for a less sweet alternative. Once these consumers see the hydration benefits in this product, theirs will be a logical choice. The sweet/tart flavor profile and potassium content will offer suitable ingredient substitution. The carbonated aspect will likely have to be downplayed to this market, as it is a negative. Vitamin infused water consumers will consider coconut water drinks with vitamins as a flavor alternative, as vitamin waters, when unsweetened, are not very tasty. This will be a logical choice, so marketing to this group can focus on flavor and vitamin content. Emotional commitment to vitamin water is likely not strong. Logically driven buyers might be more prone to purchase in bulk at supermarkets where the products are displayed in a group of alternative choice goods. Emotional buyers will choose if the products are available

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