Coconut or Mexican-American?

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Coconut or Mexican-American?
The white board scribbled in blue marker with the letters “T.A.G” was the only thing in the room besides the perfect rows of desks as I walked towards my assigned seat at beginning of my fourth grade year.
“Everyday at 11:30 you will be taken out of class and brought to this room. You are all here because you are at a more advanced level in math than your classmates. You are TAG students, Talented and Gifted. This is a little more challenging work, but it will prepare you with your transition to higher levels of education,” the teacher proclaimed with confidence.
From a very early age, I always assumed it was a part of my future to pursue an education. The American educational system engraves the importance of school at a very young age. Elementary school children are motivated through rewards when they try their hardest to reach their goals. Students are exposed to statistics and facts outlining the consequences of not getting a college degree as soon as they reach middle school. High school counselors and staff make it their priority to ensure that students apply to college. Students are conditioned to believe that education is the building block to a successful future. My cultural upbringing did not support my choice to pursue an education, however, I refused to conform to my family’s behavioral expectations because certain norms must be challenged due to progressive time periods and conflicting values.
Contrary to mainstream American
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