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Running head: Executive Management Project Code 100 Chamberlain College of Nursing EX630: Executive Practicum Professor Valda Upenieks 6/16/2012 The Master of Science Nursing student with the collaboration of my nurse executive mentor Mrs. Darville created a project that is valuable for the facility and a rewarding experience for me as a graduate student. My personal practicum experience took place at St Elizabeth’s Hospital, which is a small 90 bed community hospital located in Gonzales, La. St Elizabeth’s Hospital is a part of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System which was organized in 1984 to unite with three existing hospitals in Louisiana which were already a part of the system…show more content…
The RRT intervenes before a crisis, which the Code 100 will be to activate the RRT, as a result lives are saved and adverse events are prevented. Data collection from the initiative has proven to be a beneficial tool; it has decreased code blue calls and has produced positive outcomes (Rankins, 2006). The IHI initiative included clinicians in collaboration with hospital and nurse leads to implement best practice protocols to prevent unnecessary deaths. The RRT deployed at first sign of patient decline does save lives (Richard, 2005). Objectives Code 100 implementation will prevent avoidable inpatient deaths that are not an expected or outcome of a patient’s hospital stay (MHA, 2012). Code 100 which is the first section of a larger project that will require the staff nurses to document whenever they care a physician especially during the day shift and document all the signs and symptoms the patients’ exhibit and the intervention performed. The nurses will have a form to complete and the data will be collected to track the number of incidents and the outcome. The facility will put in place a Rapid Response Team in the coming weeks which will be activated when a nurse on the floor observe signs of deterioration from a patient to prevent the declination of the patient’s status. Mock Code will also be implemented to ensure the staff is ready when a Code 100 is called
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