Code Hero Characteristics

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Code hero characteristics are many distinctiveness qualities characters have that other individuals do not acquire. The characteristics describe a “hero”, but the hero does not talk about the characteristics. Frederic Henry for example, expresses many code hero characteristics. His philosophy of life is based on love, loyalty, and respect, but he does not talk or think about. An additional characteristic of Frederic is that he allows fate to play determining roles in life events. As I said previously, Frederic Henry philosophy of life is based on love, loyalty, and respect. This philosophy is the result of maturing. Prior to maturing, Frederic Henry was viewed as an insatiable soldier existing on his families’ money and living his life…show more content…
This was the end of the trap. This was what people got for loving each other. Thank God for gas, anyway. What must it have been like before there were anesthetics?(A Farewells to Arms)” Due to the lost of Catherine, fate is teaching Frederic to value life. Life is not all about drinking and mingling with many women, but there is always that one person who admires and truly loves him. After that lover dies, he should not retrieve for the life he had before he met Catherine, but start a new life. Fate is giving an advice; it might not be finding a new woman to fancy with, but it is surely is not to go back to his old life. Frederic Henry is not only respectful to Catherine, but he has respect to his opponents. Rolandi, Frederic’s roommate, introduces Frederic to Catherine, but beforehand, he tells Frederic
Ngo 3 that he was going to marry Catherine. Even though Frederic knew that, he still tries to gain Catherine’s affection for him. Rolandi is a foil to Frederic. He views Catherine as an object while at first Frederic does view Catherine like an object, but soon realizes she is not. Rolandi met Catherine a couple of times and already says he is going to marry her. As Catherine prefers to socialize, Frederic respects the fact that Rolandi is a good sport. Not only is Rolandi a superior comrade because he did not get in a competition with Frederic about Catherine, but he consents to his roommate to have an opportunity with her, but Frederic is also a
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