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With 125,100 construction workers in The City of Los Angeles (Logan, 2014), zoning and construction being halted for a minimum period of 2 years would displace these workers out of jobs, placing a larger burden on the city and its volatile economy. re:code LA re:code LA is a planning initiative started in 2014 by the City of Los Angeles’ Department of City Planning. The purpose of re:code LA is to create a 21st Century version of the 1946 code, with code reflecting upon our modern time in an easy-to-read guide. This would be a web-based zoning code, created from the feedback of Angelinos across multiple years and revisions of the project. In addition, a core purpose of re:code LA is to create a clear, concise, and predictable guide to zoning…show more content…
re:code LA does not plan to re-write specific area’s zoning code, rather it looks to write a clear new zoning code, incorporating the previous zones into the code, and clarify the future zoning processes. In addition, it looks to implement a standard that will improve the entitlement process, leaving little to no room for interpretation of individuals and avoid lengthy review processes. Finally, a major function of re:code LA is to create a modernized plan for Downtown Los Angeles, and other strategic areas, as they have far evolved from their positions 50 years ago. The final result of re:code LA is to create distinct neighborhoods, improve transportation and housing affordability, strengthen jobs by creating hubs and centers, and prepare a long term plan for a healthy, viable city. re:code LA has the backing of the City of Los Angeles, with an earmarked fund larger than $5 Million and large public support, due to the public outreach completed thus far (Los Angeles Department of City Planning).…show more content…
re:code LA allows City leaders to continue development within the City, while reviewing and improving the current zoning code and process. In addition, re:code LA maintained public feedback throughout the life of the project, ensuring Angelinos are satisfied with the improved zoning code. The final outcome of re:code LA will be an improved zoning code and streamlined entitlement process, yet properly maintained infrastructure due to the proper zoning for the respective
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