Code Of Conduct And Its Effects On The Organization

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Any organisation that have the usage of IT system needs to have policies in place that specify all the actions needed to deal with certain problems.
Disaster Recovery Policy
This is a plan of what to do when things go wrong for example acts of theft, loss of data or natural disasters such as fire or earthquake. This might have an impact on the organisation’s business function or security.

Updating of security procedures
The organisation needs to update their security policies as this is vital. The security features evolve with the IT technology that is used in the organisation. These policies should be reviewed regularly by the head of IT security. To get new security procedures, they can compare their procedure with other company’s and this might give them ideas of new procedures.

Scheduling of security audits
Audits on procedures, physical resources, equipment, software and logical protection need to take place regularly. These will highlight opportunities and potential threats that can be dealt with effectively by strategic planning.

Codes of Conduct
Code of conduct is a communication policy and it is a part of employment contract. Code of conduct is created and signed by the individuals who needs to access the organisations’ system places. Codes of conduct include many policies. One of them is internet usage policy. The policy includes the usage of appropriate content when visiting websites. Organisation can allow the staffs to access the internet for personal

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