Code Of Conduct And Its Effects On The Organization

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Policies and Guidelines Any organisation that have the usage of IT system needs to have policies in place that specify all the actions needed to deal with certain problems. Disaster Recovery Policy This is a plan of what to do when things go wrong for example acts of theft, loss of data or natural disasters such as fire or earthquake. This might have an impact on the organisation’s business function or security. Updating of security procedures The organisation needs to update their security policies as this is vital. The security features evolve with the IT technology that is used in the organisation. These policies should be reviewed regularly by the head of IT security. To get new security procedures, they can compare their…show more content…
The policy also includes what things can be downloaded /uploaded from websites. Surveillance/monitoring policies The organisation can monitor their employees by CCTV camera. This would be for more physical movements. The IT team can monitor them online to check what sites content they are browsing. In order to do this, the employees’ have to agree to the organisation’s terms and conditions. Risk management Risk management always identifies people who are responsible for any strategic or operational action. Risk management protects the organisation by: • Identifying the possible threats • Limiting those threats to acceptable levels • Helping to make decisions about opportunities. Budget setting This is important for any organisation as they have to set budget. The organisation should make sure that they stay within their budget and not exceeding it. For example, the organisation can budget on how much to spend on software updates each year so that they get the latest software in the organisation. Task 2 Employment contracts Hiring policies Hiring policies contain different stages of background check on an employee depending on the level of security and sensitivity the organisation has. Organisations nowadays is very cautious about employees’ background check to see the previous employment, qualifications, health record and most important criminal record. If the employees fail to provide this information to the
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