Code Of Conduct And Organization Cultural Behavior And Moral Judgment

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Our values are a major aspect of the way we live our life. It takes failures and great triumphs to understand one’s choices in making decisions. When an organization creates their visionary mission statement and principles they must determine what values will delegate an employee’s behavior and productivity to act accordingly with the organizations culture. There is an interconnection between making effective business decisions, code of conduct in organization cultural behavior and moral judgment. When the connection is made it can came be powerful and motivating for both the employee and organization alike. When an employee feels understood there is a genuine personal interest and involvement in in the organization to manifest growth, provide exceptional service and dedication. Presently, the mentality of many employees accepting positions for monetary benefits are no longer appealing. The views of employees with each generation are evolving, they do not want to work only for compensation purposes but for their work to be meaningful and beneficial. The organization benefits from this type of attitude when the organization goals are aligned with the personal goals of the employees. “There is nothing that moves an employee more than work that is linked to whom they are as an individual” (quote). Organizations that have these employees are less likely to experience turnovers, poor performance reviews and employee job dissatisfaction. A greater need for loyalty begins to
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