Code Of Conduct, Care Values And Anti Discriminatory Practices

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This essay is about a dilemma of a nurse and a patient in relation to family issues and beliefs that reflects code of conduct, care values and anti - discriminatory practices, including Deontologist’s and Utilitarian’s view.
Dilemma; A 12 years old girl is 22weeks pregnant and decides to have an abortion. Her parents are very religious and do not believe in sex before marriage, and would not be happy to know that their 12 years old daughter is pregnant. The girl confides in a nurse who happens to be a close family friend and also shares the same religious beliefs with the parents. The girl wants the information to be secret and does not want her parents to hear about it.
Code of conduct is a rule set by an organisational body for specific issues that become a standard practice for all who works in the organisation or represent themselves outside of the organisation, (Marinda, 2011). Code of conducts is devised by a legal framework that prevents contradictions and builds trust between workers, patients and visitors in all. However all the codes are very important and must be followed e.g., ethical principles, and legislations.
The code of conduct is influenced by ethical theories such as utilitarianism, deontology, and legislations. Ethics are used in day to day lives to determine what is right or wrong, this can be use in the healthcare settings to determine decisions for patients. Furthermore ethical philosophies like Utilitarianism and deontology would be discussed in
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