Code Of Ethic For National Association Of Social Worker

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Reading the Code of Ethic for National Association of Social Worker (NASW) I see that the code of ethics if pretty similar to my own set of values. Upon reviewing the code of ethics, it parallels how my approach to clients is treated regardless of their status in the community. The ethical principles are to ensure that dignity and worth of the person, social justice, and importance of human relations, integrity and competency is a service that should be afforded to anyone. These core values have the same purpose as does my job as a Veteran Service Office with one exception and that our code of ethics has “Do no harm”.
Each day I must bring a high level of service to meet the needs of the clients. This means I must draw on my knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations for claims to drawing on more services on the community to ensure the Veteran will be safe and comfortable. Social justice is equally important to my clients. In order to advocate and earn the trust of my clients, I am frequently questioned about my knowledge, my skills and patriotism. If I do not keep my core values and knowledge in the forefront of my job, I will cause harm and the Veteran will lose faith in me and the agency where I work. Dignity and worth of the person means a lot to people of any community. Like Social Workers, I meet with some of the most honorable citizens who need someone to be their advocate in an adversary process that can strip them of their dignity and humanity. Yet have…
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