Code Of Ethics And Conduct

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The Code of Ethics and Conduct of CheckPoint Software Technologies

by Justice-Anyai

June 2015

The code of ethics and conduct is a written set of rules and regulations that provides guidance to employees of an organization on how to conduct themselves and carry out their duties in line with the organization’s principles. The code of ethics and conduct is also be backed up by suitable disciplinary actions. A code of ethics and conducts helps employees deal with ethical issues and other gray areas that they face as they execute their daily activities. An effective code of ethics and conduct is required for an organization to run smoothly and maintain a positive image. Having an ineffective code of ethics and conduct is almost like having none.
Checkpoint is dedicated to nurturing their reputation as an ethical company that does the right thing for shareholders, employees, partners and the public. Checkpoint’s code of ethics and conduct provides a guide to its employee and stakeholders for honest and ethical conduct.
This project is aimed at evaluating Checkpoint’s code of conduct to identify the areas that require improvement and propose an improvement plan accordingly.

Established in 1993, by Chairman and CEO Gil Shwed, Check Point software technologies first pioneered the I.T. security industry with FireWall-1 and its patented Stateful inspection technology, which is still the foundation for most network…
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