Code Of Ethics And Ethical Issues In Nursing

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According to the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and the Treaty of Waitangi the nurse’s professional responsibility is primarily to the patient. The nurse is an advocate for the patient and works in partnership with him, not in a position of power over him. Thus in order to overcome the ethical dilemma, adhere to ethical principles and professional standards, the nurse should not follow the family’s request but in fact should respect Ricky’s dignity, rights, autonomy and self-determination. “The choices and values of the competent patient should always be given highest priority “(Fry, Veatch & Taylor, 2011, p. 437). According to the Mental Health Act Ricky has rights as mental health patient such as Sec. 64 Ricky has right to information on rights as a patient; Sec. 66 Ricky has right to treatment; Sec. 67 Ricky has right to be informed about treatment and Sec. 11 Ricky has right to refuse medical treatment…show more content…
The ‘four boxes’ framework guides the nurse through the critical thinking process resulting in the decision of informing the patient. By explaining the reasons for the decision to Ricky and his family, they will be able to understand the situation. However, she will have to talk to Ricky’s family first in order to show her respect, by valuing and understanding their view point. By explaining that she is Ricky’s advocate and has professional responsibilities under the Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and the Mental Health Act. By disclosing to Ricky all the information that he needs to know to make an informed decision, the trust between nurse and patient will not be broken. This information should be communicated clearly and with respect, by listening actively, by paraphrasing and by using nonverbal communication technique (Ennis et al., 2013; Talbott et al.,
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