Code Of Ethics And National And International Charters

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3. Body paragraph – code of ethics and national and international charters. In addition to the analysis for the case study, there are code of the ethics and laws in place that health professionals such as nurses must apply, when considering what should be done for the patient at the end-of-life. According to Kerridge et al., (2013) the law and ethics are different yet interrelated, the law are compulsory regulations that health practitioners must adhere to. The code of ethics in Australia, is a guide for ethical decision-making that helps health practitioners to identify ethical standards and values they are committed to, that are incorporated into practice, which reflects on their practice, well as nursing code of conduct. (ANMC, 2008).…show more content…
In lastly to ethical theory that informs professional health care practice, health practitioners must have compassion, kindness, empathy to carry out task and actions well, and possess abilities and skills to perform tasks, health professionals have an image that aspire to be trustworthy, loyal and honest. (Ozolins & Grainger, 2015). Without the intervention of his daughter, there wouldn’t have been any assistance of any health practitioner. Given the circumstances, the patient’s daughter, it is her duty to act consciously. Ozolins & Grainger (2012) suggests that the patient’s daughter is genuinely concern for his wellbeing and on exceptional circumstances and emotions at play, the patient’s daughter can make a decision that leads to the good of the patient, for the sake of the patient’s happiness. Ozolins & Grainger (2015), explains in natural law ethics that it is immoral that a person is deprived of the right to access healthcare, because some of the basic human goods is life and health, therefore it would be unfair that the patient’s right to access health care wasn’t available when it was needed most. Health professionals will do what is required to alleviate the patient’s suffering by providing treatment, but also by providing support to assist the patient and his daughter. (Ozolins & Grainger, 2015), (ANZICS, 2014), (NSW Health, 2005). Health professionals, must prepare the patient’s daughter, need to educate her on
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