Code Of Ethics And Professional Conduct

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Review of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of BIP
The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC) has been formulated on the basis of article 44, 45, 46, 47 of BIP constitution, to secure the rights and benefits of the Planners community in Bangladesh. CEPC not only provide guidance and support to the members of BIP on their lead in the professional field but also offers assurance to the client who avails the services of Planners. Members have the opportunity to express their opinion about professional affairs and CEPC; the Executive Committee will pay attention for definite valid reason. The CEPC is not rigid it may be amended for professionalism according to the bylaws of the Institute constitution.
The whole CEPC is separated into three parts. The first part is about Principles and Responsibilities, second part is Financial Matters for Trade and Service and the final part is about Procedure of Inquiry & Disciplinary Action.
Principles and Responsibilities
Principles and responsibilities are also categorized into four different aspects like responsibility to the public, responsibility to clients and employers, responsibility to the profession and colleagues and obligation to colleagues.
In the section of responsibility to the public said that ‘Planners’ obligation is to serve the public interest achieve high standards of professional integrity, proficiency, and knowledge.’ Planner should always concern about rights of others, provide accurate
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