Code Of Ethics And Professional Conduct

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Ethics and professionalism are the centerpieces of any organization that wants to conduct business in today’s global environment. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is an organization that believes in the principles that governs professional behavior and ethics. By a consensus decree of many countries worldwide; the PMI formed the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC) for project management. The CEPC became the standard that all project managers are likely to exercise throughout their careers. The Project Management Institute’s CEPC also became the basic material reference that other professional organizations can use to shape their own ethical practices. The CEPC consist of easily understood explanation of right and wrong, fairness, and other moral building blocks of professional conduct. This paper is a brief summary of the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct and my assessment of the subject.
Project Management Institute Code of Ethics
Vision and Purpose The Project Management Institute created a set of ethical standards that practitioners of project management must keep up and live by. These ethical standards can also be applied to both our professional and domestic lives. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is essentially the standard practice of project management worldwide. The CEPC set of ideals is paramount to the order of professional behavior. The CEPC purpose is to increase the…
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