Code Of Ethics And Stakeholders

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Code of Ethics and Stakeholders
Ferrell (2004), describes stakeholders as employees, customers, shareholders, and suppliers. (Company Name)Human Resources Department commitment to stakeholders is very important and reflects the highest standards regarding professional ethics and conducts. All stakeholders’ role in the company is vital for success. The human resources goal is to comply with ethical codes, policies and procedures as well as all state, federal, and national laws.
(Company Name) has a reputation for integrity, and this integrity reflects the company’s code of conduct. The human resources is a goal-oriented department committed to making stakeholders interest a priority within the company. Therefore, hiring qualified, employees trained in the ethical codes, polices, and procedures as specified in company goals is a focus in meeting company’s needs. In being an equal opportunity employer, (Company Name) shall not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, disability, religion affiliation, philosophical beliefs, sexual preference, and political affiliation (Armstrong 2011).
(Company name) success depends on customer’s satisfaction. The Human Resource Department focuses on assisting the company in meeting goals that caters to customer satisfaction. In maintaining ethical code, all customers shall receive equal treatment. At no time shall (Company Name) comprise any customers information either by management, employees, or

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