Why Is It Important To Have A Code Of Ethics

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There are countless rules that to restrain people have a better behavior wherever in personal life or the professional life. Because of those ethical rules, the society is getting organized. At the same time, people’s lives are so much safer and happier compares to the old time that with weak ethical rules. Rules must adhere to the society. “Ethics help us navigate the gray area between absolute right and morally wrong.” (Brandscaping) When people go to the bathroom, they need to wait in lines; when people go to take a bus, they need to line up and pay for it; when people go to buy food, they need to wait in lines; even when people shopping online, they need to follow instructions step by step. No matter in the reality or the internet, people need to observe rules. Rules help us to make right decisions when we get lost. They are everywhere that existing in all over the world and rules make the society better.
Having a code of ethics leads to improved employee behavior, which is a huge part of culture for a standard company. Because employees are the people who create value for the company, in which way, they need to have honest and candid altitudes to the company. Having a code of ethic is a useful tool to manage an organization’s values, responsibilities, and ethical duties. Companies setting their core values and codes are never the same. Companies must put the code of conduct into the business so that employees know how it applies to them. The code is also a way for
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