Code Of Ethics : At Computers Inc.

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CODE OF ETHICS At Computers Inc., our brand and reputation are affected by what our employees do every day. To us, ethical behavior is more than just a statement on a piece of paper. Computers, Inc. expects its staff to be scrupulously impartial and honest in all affairs relating to our company and their job within it. Our organization operates in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, thereby demonstrating a commitment to responsibility. This code and commitment are based on the principles of trust, integrity, innovation, simplicity and agility, which are at the heart of all our transactions and drive the work we do, for the benefit of all our people and clientele. By putting our commitment in writing, we set clear standards of behavior for every employee in our organization and clearly define the practices our company will adhere to in day-to-day operations. Therefore, this policy outlines the responsibilities of staff members working for Computers, Inc., as well as those of the organization to the employee and/or clients. All staff bear a responsibility, as employees, to act as ambassadors for the company in terms of their general conduct, both within and outside the organization. The responsibility of ensuring this policy is well communicated, understood and applied fairly throughout our organization has been assigned to our management teams. They play a specific role in setting an example for the employees and clientele of Computers Inc. Although
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