Code Of Ethics For An International Organization

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Code of Ethics for an International Organization Patten University 09/21/15 I have been selected to be a part of a collaborative team of an international organization for which we have the task of developing global code of ethics that integrate and demonstrate respect for the diverse groups that I do business with, such as the nations of India, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. I would use the World Health Organization (WHO) as on example. Below is a list of code of ethics that will serve as guidelines for this organization: Responsibility to Self 1. Recognize the need to engage in continuing education to broaden knowledge and expertise in the prevention of disease as it relates to various cultures. 2. Show integrity through honesty to self and others in order to build and maintain trusting relationships. 3. Remain optimistic in all situations. Being optimistic will help me in maintaining a positive outlook on every situation whether easy or difficult to manage. 4. Show concern for others. This fosters an environment of caring which will enhance group relations as it relates nations and cultures. Reinforcement strategies: Employee annual competencies and annual performance evaluations. Responsibility to Professional Development 1. Seek educational opportunities that focus on health and wellness in various cultures. This will help me to understand people’s behavior towards disease prevention. 2. Practice within my scope. This
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