Code Of Ethics For Nurses

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Code of Ethics for Nurses

1. Introduction- Explain your knowledge of this business profession.

Why did I choose nursing? At the age of 43 I am back in school to further my education in the health field in nursing. Am I doing it to make a difference in the world or as a longstanding career? To be a nurse, it takes a special type of person that has extraordinary personal qualities and traits. A good nurse should have compassion, respect, and the need and want to help others. Therefore be sensitive, but passionate about their work. The experience that draws me to this area of work ; working in an emergency room for almost six years as a patient care technician and an emergency technician(EMT) has given me an inside view on nursing. Twenty years ago if you would have asked me to go visit someone in a hospital, I would have come up with some kind of an excuse not to go. I dreaded the place; seeing people sick, the smell, the hurting, and dying was the last thing I wanted to see. After taking care of my sick mom had given me that courage to face the unforeseeable future of working in the medical field. Following the passing of my mom, I became a Certified Nursing Assistant in a nursing home. In addition, I became a patient care technician, which led to a Certified Emergency Technician at an emergency room. I am currently still employed at the hospital, which has given an opportunity to be a part of a great emergency team of Physicians, Physician Assistants, and nurses. I am
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