Code Of Ethics For Nurses

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Professional Code of Conduct
Fadrique R. Charlot
Nova Southeastern University

Professional Code of Conduct Health professionals hold the commitment of providing quality health care to the society in order to fulfil the health concerns of the general population presented daily. Hence, health care practices are established on ethical principles concerning the life and health of human being accordingly. Its values place all obligation in which patients are protected from harm and hold individual rights which must be respected. Nonetheless, circumstances present, as expected, preventing health professionals to act according to ethical values and standards. The code of ethics for nurses highlights the many different principles, putting into perspective the philosophy of patient care.
Provision One
The Right to Self-Determination
The nursing profession is not just a job one can aspire to accomplish without generously giving of oneself. Provision one highlights the following, “The nurse practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and unique attributes of every person” (American Nurses of Association, 2015, p.1). This provision addresses the moral values, commitments, and trust established for the respect of every patient. This statement identifies the need to acknowledge the characteristics of others and to act with respect and compassion towards these individuals, regardless of any presented situation. The following statement, the

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