Code Of Ethics For Nurses With Interpretive Statements

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There is no doubt about the importance of ethics in our life as well as in our clinical area as nurses to protect ourselves, our patients, and their families. There are nine provisions in code of ethics. What I am interested to examine is provision number 3” the nurse promotes, advocates for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the patient”. This provision consists of 6 statements, which are protection of “the rights of privacy and confidentiality, protection of human participants in research, performance standards and review mechanisms, professional responsibility in promoting a culture of safety, protection of patient’s health and safety by acting on questionable practice, and patient protection and impaired practice”…show more content…
Another case that was happened also in one of our hospital in Saudi Arabia about the importance of secure electronic communication. We do have a kind of electronic system called “Quadra met” pretty similar to patients’ file with all information about patients. This system access doesn’t offer for students, its only for staff nurses; however, student nurse ask one of her friend who was a RN to use Rn’s access to the Quadra met system. The student accidently checked the name of one of her family member who has AIDS. This act from Rn leaded to many bad outcomes in the student’s future in nursing school and with her family relationship. It is important to increase the awareness about this ethics code to protect nurses from any inappropriate action could be done later on. My job as an advanced nurse is to apply code of ethics by recommend health institutions to enforce all nurses and nursing students in attending code of ethics courses and workshop to enhance their knowledge in ethics. In addition, Participants in research have the right for protecting them from any violates by researchers. Some governmental hospitals in Saudi Arabia may enforce their patients to sign for their paperwork to be part from clinical research. Although some patients don’t want to participate in the clinical research, they still need to sign on that form to receive the care from the hospital. Personally, I think this kinds of hospital do not respect patient’s autonomy even if they sign
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