Code Of Ethics In Construction Industry

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1.3 .1 Higher unethical practices in Government-linked Company in Malaysian construction industry
According to Gomez-Meija, Balkin & Cardy (2007), Code of Ethics is one of the best standards or guidelines provided to conduct and decision making of employees and managers in construction industry. However, available evidence shows that the concept of Code of Ethics is still not widely adopted in Malaysia construction industry. The situation getting worst where graft and malpractices in the Malaysian construction industry are numerously reported in the media and regarded as synonymous with construction players. The findings of research carried in construction industry in the practices in Malaysia provide evidence that the construction industry is plagued with ethical issues.

The literature also revealed several common problems focused in Government-linked Company in Malaysian construction.
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Meanwhile the Code of Ethics in Malaysian construction industry has also been introduced; but no enforced. This situation causes impact in GLCs company on construction project's quality, time and costs (CIOB, 2006) demonstrates that ethical standard in Malaysian construction industry is considered lower‘, and the ineffectiveness of Code of Ethics have correlation with higher unethical behaviour of the construction players‘. (Abdul Rahman, et al 2010). According to Liew (2007) claims that lack of implementation and enforcement being the main factor unethical practices in Malaysian construction. Enforcement by government was required to guide individuals and corporations to act with full integrity and honesty (Liew,
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