Code Of Ethics In The Social Work Profession

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I started my portfolio off with writing about the NASW Code of Ethics. I thought that the Code of Ethics is a great way to show that I understand a social worker professional foundation and that I understand the values and ethics of the social work profession. My Alzheimer paper show explains my understanding of how the social systems interact between people and their environment. My paper on ethical dilemma outlines how social work values and ethics could intervene in the profession of social work. My research paper demonstrate the understanding I have using evidence based practice using research methods. My ACA paper covers the ACA policy and how it came to be a law and how that law affects people. My agency paper explains how the agency in program that I am in discrimination skills that is necessary for intervention with diverse clients. My internship evaluation implements the basic social work skills that I practice at my internship. My weekly log gives me a chance to reflect on my week and learn from it. The learning plan outlines the things my…show more content…
Make sure that my practice have guidelines for evaluating services set by my organization or professional body, that is followed. My portfolio outlines the things that I have learned about the Social Work over the course of my social work practice. I have learned what social is about. I have learned about social worker values and ethics, the reciprocal interactions between people and the environment, how social work values could intervene in the profession of social work, I practice using research method, how policy influence human rights, and how my internship have help me practice and development skills that improve my social work skills, such as, critical thinking and communication
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