Code Of Ethics Is Absolutely Essential For Every Education Major

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Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics is absolutely essential for every education major to have a strong understanding of. This code presents the main rules and regulations that apply to future teachers to ensure the best behavior and actions possible, inside and outside of the classroom. It is a clear guide of unethical activities that teachers may never indulge in without risking suspension, revocation, denial, or reprimand of any teaching certificate. The code is broken down into eleven different standards which are easy for educators to understand and abide by.
The first code is labeled Standard 1: Legal Compliance. This code states that an educator must abide by state, federal, and local laws and includes but is not limited to the
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They also cannot furnish tobacco, alcohol, or drugs to any student and must prevent usage of these substances while students are on school property. It is completely inappropriate to commit any of these crimes and if someone who is an education major has considered any of these acts, he or she may need to consider a different career path because it is our job to protect children, not endanger them.
Standard three is labeled Alcohol or Drugs. This standard is about teachers refraining from using alcohol or drugs during the courses of professional activity. This includes activities that are outside of the classroom, such as football games, school concerts, and parent nights. Teachers cannot indulge in anything that could intoxicate them if they know that they are going to have to be on school property. They also cannot possess alcohol anywhere on school property, including their vehicles. The most preventative way to refrain from violating this code is for teachers to omit the use of alcohol and drugs from their lives completely and turn to healthier outlets to relieve stress, such as exercise or meditation.
Standard four talks about honesty. This code states that all educators must exemplify honesty and integrity during the course of professional practice. Teachers must be honest at
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