Code Of Ethics Of Ieee. Computer Society

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1Introduction Today, established ethical frameworks play a vital role in companies and organisations, espe- cially in big ones. Ethical framework, also known as code of conduct and code of ethics, is a set of guidelines, recommendations and rules, which specify expected behaviour and possible options how to make ethical decision, under different circumstances. It is crucial for every institution to set up ethical framework in order to prevent specific problems and to have es- tablished policy to find right and unambiguous solution for them if such occur. This report provides the analysis of all decisions made by the various individuals mentioned in the Killer Robot case study applying the Code of Ethics of IEEE Computer Society for…show more content…
The third principle is related to management in software engineering. It states that software engineering managers and leaders must subscribe to and promote an ethical approach to the management of software development and maintenance. This, in turn, inludes the following responsibilities for managers and leaders: they must provide duly management for any project on which they work; they must be certain that potential software engineers are knowledgeable about the employment conditions; they must offer rightful salaries; they must provide appropriate teaching of this Code for all engineers; they must not ask engineers to do anything contradictory with principles of this Code and must not punish anyone for expressing any concerns about a project. The fourth principle reviewed in this report is called "Self". It
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