Code Of Ethics : Professional Counselor

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In the presentation “Whose Notes?” the client stated she did not think the counselor was very helpful to her and requested to receive counseling services from a different professional counselor. She also, requested all records, the clinical case notes written by the counselor during her counseling sessions, and the clinical case notes her current counselor received from her previous counselors. The counselor breached code B.6.e ACA Code of Ethics because she refused to give the client a copy of the clinical case notes recorded during her therapy sessions. The counselor stated, “The notes I’ve written will not be very helpful to you”. This code informs us the professional counselor must provide reasonable access to records and copies of records when requested by competent clients. Counselors limit the access of clients to their records, or portions of their records, only when there is compelling evidence that such access would cause harm to the client. Counselors document the request of clients and the rationale for withholding some of all of the records in the files of the clients. In situations involving multiple clients, counselors provide individual clients with only those parts of records that relate directly to them and do not include confidential information related to any other client (ACA, 2014). According to, T. Remley and B. Herliky clients have a legal right to review the clinical case notes recorded during their therapy sessions, obtain copies of them and demand
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