Code Of Ethics Reaction Paper : The Doe Family

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NASW Code of Ethics Reaction Paper: The Doe Family A Review of the Case Jane Doe is 22 years old. She has a 3-month old child with her boyfriend, Anthony, who has been physically abusive lately. She has decided to move in with her mother, Alice, for the sake of the baby, although their relationship is strained. Jane has earned a GED and is waiting tables yet is at risk of losing her social services benefits because she is not complying with proper documentations. Alice Doe is in recovery from drug abuse and is on medication to treat her bipolar disorder. She has been receiving SSI benefits for many years. She cleans houses for extra income yet does not report her earnings. Alice has a boyfriend, Roy, who suffers from PTSD and is experiencing recurring substance abuse issues. All the recent stress is causing Alice to regress with the progress she has made in recovering from her mental health problems. To make matters worse, Anthony is accusing Alice of abusing her grandson and has filed a report to CPS. Commitment to Clients Social workers are often confronted with a wide variety of cases that require multiple skills, close scrutiny, and optimum professionalism. We must be sharply aware of the myriad issues that cases present. Additionally, we must be cognitive of the many different approaches to solving problems and employ the proper tools that we have at our disposal. The proper implementation of those tools, along with careful attention to detail, will

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