Code Of Ethics Within Policing

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As we are all aware, many institutions have their own code of ethics. But a question some might ask is, what is a code of ethics? Code of ethics set out the values that reinforce the code and will describe a company’s obligation to its stakeholders. The code is available to the public and can be addressed to anyone who shows interest in the company’s activities and how that company does business. The purpose of this paper is to compare a code of ethics from another institution outside of policing, with a code of ethics within policing. The following is the code of ethics between the York Regional Police and The Canadian Nurses Association.
The York Regional Police Service, formed on January 1, 1971, is consisted of 14 municipal police departments as well as the York County Security Police. Relatively new, the York Regional Police continue a tradition of police service that spans more than (200) two hundred years. Since 1971, York Region has grown at an extraordinary rate and today, the communities of York Region are served by more than 1,364 full-time police professionals and approximately 496 support staff.
“In 1908, Mary Agnes Snively was talking with a colleague about the difficulty of the process of giving life to a new national organization. She encouraged her friend, saying, “Do not forget that we are making history.” Representatives of 16 organized nursing bodies then met in Ottawa to form the Canadian National Association of Trained Nurses (CNATN). By 1911, CNATN…
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