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A code of ethos serves three main functions to communicate the ideals of a profession, it is a guide for professional conduct, and provides standards for the profession. In the veterinary technician field there are many ethical codes that must always be followed.
Vet techs shall provide excellent care and services to animals
Vet techs shall prevent and relieve suffering
Vet techs shall always have compassion
Vet techs have a commitment to lifelong learning
Vet techs shall promote public health to help control zoonotic diseases
Educate the public
Vet techs shall collaborate with other veterinary members
Vet techs shall protect confidential information
Vet techs are accountable for individual actions and judgments
Vet techs shall represent
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All of these Codes can be found in the NAVTA Code of Ethics.

The first Code I have learned while in school, which is also the most important is to have compassion. Without compassion it is almost difficult to follow all the other codes, like providing care for animals. When caring for an animal you are required to have compassion helping that animal and also showing compassion to the owner of the animal. I identify with this code because without compassion veterinary technicians (or anyone in a medical field) would not be able to help anyone because they are unable to see that the animal or person needs help. Ethical codes are needed in jobs, and society because they help make rules on what s right and wrong. In society it helps kind of set standards or give an idea to people of what is the right thing to do in everyday life. I believe the 3 most important codes in the veterinary field are to be compassionate, accountability for actions and to get life long education.These codes all link to my own ethical values because I believe every job should be done with compassion. Anything a person does they are accountable for and I believe all prof you should always be aware of your actions especially if you are supposed to be professional. I also strongly agree to getting a lifelong journey of education, I think everyone should always be wanting to
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