Code Of The Street And My Understanding

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Code of the Street And My Understanding
Pramod Adhikari
Sociology 101
CCBC, Essex

Code of the Street And My Understanding
Elijah Anderson’s Code of Street is an ethnographic study of several neighborhoods in Philadelphia in the early to mid-1990s. This book is mainly focus on the criminal elements, economical, educational, social, and judicial system in the African American communities. Anderson did several interviews, field observations and researches for four years to demonstrate the internal factors that hold on inner cities. Decency, violence, and the moral life of the inner cities are the most significant key arguments in this book. Author aim in this book is to concentrate on the social and cultural aspects of the interpersonal violence, which is undermining the quality life on the urban communities. Furthermore, it explains the drugs culture, scarcity of sustainable jobs, racial discrimination, and frustration in impoverish neighborhoods.
Anderson starts his ethnographical journey from the one side of the Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. His deep analysis reflects the society structure, economic condition, and interrelation between communities’ people. In this ethnographic trip 's he mostly engaged in participant-observation, interviews, Laundromats, taverns, playgrounds, public schools, the Center City indoor mall known as the Gallery, jails, and public street corners. In these settings he encountered a wide variety of people-adolescent boys and…

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