Code Of Uniqueness

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This book is about a young boy who stood out from his peers. He absolutely loved the color pink and even dyed his hair pink. He also had a passion for cooking, which many of his peers thought was funny. Other children would stare at him and laugh at the way he looked and what activities he enjoyed. They would bully him and say rude things such as, “can I eat his hair?” His best friend and his parents were extremely supportive of his decisions and interests in activities. They showed him to appreciate his uniqueness and just be himself. As the story continued, the boy was given an opportunity to “save the day.” Since the oven was broken in his class and he knew how to cook, he was able to share his talent with everyone. His peers were able to get to know him and learned to accept him even with his differences. They all decided to make the food and drinks pink, which made the boy feel special. Critique: 1. How can the book build be understanding, knowledge, and/or respect for people with the identified diversity?…show more content…
In today’s society, boys are typically viewed to take one a masculine role. They are thought to be more involved in athletic activities and playing with cars. In this story, instead of engaging in sports, the boy engages in cooking. Since cooking and having pink hair is typically viewed as a female’s role, his peers would stare, laugh, and make rude comments towards him. This book does a great job expressing a child’s unique views so that the readers can relate to the. It demonstrates how others should appreciate uniqueness in everybody and accept people for who they
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