Code Red Health Problem

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In Hamilton there is a project called Code Red. It combines the data and map clearly reflects the health problem in Hamilton. The map also uses different colors to demonstrate the level of the problem in each area. From the map, people can see that quality of life increases moving away from Hamilton’s core and the poverty is concentrated in some particular areas especially in the downtown of Hamilton. Poverty is the main reason affects health problem. Therefore I think it should be one of the most important local problems we need to solve.
When a person lives under a poor condition and his neighbourhood is also a person live in poverty, it is difficult for both of these two people leave the poverty because the poverty brings the negative effect to each other especially the negative effect of health. When they are sick, they do not have enough money for them to see the doctor. Some of the diseases are infectious so that most of people live in the region with poverty will be infected. The consequence the infectious will be spread to some rich region. Hence, the poverty concentrated at some particular places will threat the health of the whole city. Not only physically health will be affected but also mentally health. The map also tells people that the
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Many people including me think if a city invests more money on the health care, more unhealthy people will get treat and cure. After reading the final article in the Code Red series, I figure out that investing money to the health care not the right way to solve the health problem because it only improve the medical resource. However, the number of unhealthy people has not been decreased. I think healthy is closely related to the living quality. Income of a person or a family is the best data to express the living condition of a family. Low income of a family explains that the reason of
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