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Code Talkers was written by Chester Nez with the help of Judith Schiess Avila. Chester Nez, a Navajo WWII veteran, was one of the original twenty-nine Native Americans who came up with and wrote the top secret Navajo code used during the World War II. This code was a turning point in the war against the Japanese. Judith Avila is a cod talker scholar with the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities Chautauqua Program, she conducted over eighty hours with Chester and his son Michael.
The beginning of the book starts off with Chester’s early childhood on the reservation. During the 1920’s life on the Checkerboard Area of the Navajo Reservation was not an easy life for anyone to grow up on. There was no plumbing, electricity, modern housing nor any cars and the winters were harsh and summers long and hot. However, the mesas had its own beauty and it offered plenty of land great for raising sheep and goats and the land was ideal for the Navajo people to celebrate and keep in contact with their spiritual connects to nature. Chester treasured his memory growing up there and described how in his early childhood he would follow his family around the reservation tending to their flock of sheep and goats. He never had a worry in the world and took
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I had always taken that part of WWII as more or less just part of history and it really didn’t affect me, seeing as the war was over. This book has given me an even greater respect for Navajos. Being able to read what Chester went though as a child and how he stepped up to the plate and created a code using what once got him beat if he spoke it changed how I view the way. Being about to see it though the eye of Chester has put the war in color for me and I have so much more respect for that part of history and it has made me more appreciative of what I use to take for granted. I would recommend it to

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