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The code of conduct proposed for Xeon Technologies is an important management tool that each organization requires to enable it to run its operations smoothly and in compliance with FSG and other relevant laws. Xeon, like many other organizations, requires a code of conduct to improve its relations with other organizations, keep its management in check, and prohibit inappropriate behavior that may come from its employees. The code proposed for Xeon contains four main provisions: ethics, health and safety, labor and human rights, and the environment. All the four provisions are important in ensuring the company runs efficiently. The company also needs to employ legal experts to help in the implementation of the code to ensure that it …show more content…
The second provision in the code involves occupational safety systems, which will help in the tracking, reporting, and management of occupational illnesses and injuries. The last provision in the category involves offering of appropriate workplace and occupational health and safety training, which entails the use of written medical and safety warnings and provision of general information in a language that is easily understood by all workers (Wulf 76).
The first provision in this item is antidiscrimination, which requires the company ensure that no employee is discriminated against based on various aspects, including race, age, color, gender, religion, political affiliation, and ethnicity. The other provision in this item is the prevention of involuntary labor; this will bar mangers and other persons in superior positions to subject an employee to any kind of bonded, forced, or indentured labor (Wulf 79). The item also contains provisions such as wages and benefits, which will ensure that each employee is entitled to remuneration and benefits that match their experience and the kind of work they do; it also contains working hours, which restrict each employee to 60 work hours per week, and freedom of association that allows employees to associate freely, seek representations, form and join workers’ unions of their choice, and enter a collective bargain on their own volition (Wulf 80).
This provision requires the company

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