Essay on Code of Ethics & Counterterrorism

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Throughout life individuals are forced to make decisions. These decisions, made on a daily basis not only affect the individuals but others around them. Due to this, society as a whole has created views on what is right and wrong. Sometimes these “right or wrong” decisions or ethical choices differ from group to group. This can clearly be seen in different professions. For example, a doctor has different obligations to treat an injured person than the average citizen. It is for this reason that organizations create ethical codes to guide their members’ decision making process. This is no different in the world of warfare, specifically counterterrorism (CT). So let’s take a look at the ethical codes used by CT professionals and how…show more content…
We will also see standards against discrimination and guidelines for community involvement. Even Home Depot has laid out standards for community involvement “It is our mission to be a good corporate citizen and to serve each community in which The Home Depot conducts business. We will obey the laws and respect the customs of each community and will encourage participation and involvement in community affairs. As a Company, we are committed to the environment and pledge to continue to be an industry leader in looking for products and services that are respectful of our world” (Home Depot, 2011) When we look at this standard it not only covers being and active member of the community but a good law abiding citizen. These are important to an organization as it will promote a positive image of their profession. So how does CT differ from the private sector? A CT code of ethics will be different from the private sector as it is a type of warfare. In warfare we see decisions that the average individual will never have to face. War inherently causes the loss of human life, suffering, pain and destruction of property. This violence will cause a significant amount of stress on all involved, to include the warfighters. It is under this stress that ethical standards must remain intact as it is easy for
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