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The organization I work for is a Multi national corporation, for now we are a business unit of a publically traded company. This assignment came at a unique time as we the business unit I work in was just purchased by a private equity firm based in England. Our corporate headquarters is based in California and we have offices in South America, Europe and Asia. We are a unique organization as most of us work from home offices and rarely set foot in our offices, but visit our customer’s offices quite often. This model provides a unique challenge for developing a Code of Ethics (CoE); we must take into account the customs and norms of the regions we are working in. The CoE I have developed is based on the following core principles: …show more content…
We must ensure proper Communication. Communication is an area of concern in my organization, it is easy to miscommunicate with our customers about what our products can and cannot do. This can be an issue internally as well, since English is second language for a large percentage of our development team. Proper communication also involves setting and managing the customer’s expectations. Many issues can be avoided by keeping the customer and project managers aware of issues or delays. I have been involved with projects where the sales team led the customer to believe that our software had certain functionality that it did not have. When this occurs it puts the consultant in a sticky situation, and can make everyone look bad. Proper communication can also help prevent puffery and implied falsity. This will also help to prevent complaints similar to what Stock Value Inc. and Comstar Communications had filed against them by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), for making false claims about a product they marketed to for cell phones (Ferrel, et al., 2011). Confidentiality is key, we must be careful discussing the projects we have done with other customers. This is important because many of our customers are direct competitors with each other. We also deal with many financial institutions and our software’s log files may contain sensitive customer information

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