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------------------------------------------------- Doctor Shopping PHL/323 March 18, 2014 jessie fox PHL/323 March 18, 2014 jessie fox PHL/323 Doctor Shopping PHL/323 March 18, 2014 Robert Philip Doctor Shopping The illegal narcotic drug problem in the United States is a growing problem and is On the rise. This problem is growing at a rapid pace, but, the fastest and one of the Deadliest drug problems in the United States is doctor shopping, which not only affects The young addict, but also the senior citizen as well. This is the fastest growing problem In the United States and is at the top of every state’s agenda and even the federal Government is starting to take this as a serious matter. The federal government has…show more content…
Because of this, persons who otherwise would not abuse substances find themselves Obsessed when it is already too late. The addict begins doctor shopping to nourish their Addiction, but rationalize this performance as essential to handle the pain and preserve the emotion of being in control. Pain medication, prescribed for an assortment of ordinary reasons, including back pain or surgery, caesarian sections, or even dental procedures, carries the main risk for dependence. In 2006, one of the best known doctor shopping and prescription drug abuse Stories came to light. Conformist talk show host Rush Limbaugh turned himself into Palm Beach authorities for doctor shopping. From 1998 to 2006, Limbaugh attained immense amounts of the painkiller Oxy Contin, both through plentiful prescriptions from diverse health care providers and through illegal channels. Limbaugh started taking painkillers in the late 1990s after an ineffective back surgery. By the time he turned himself into police, he was taking up to 30 pills per day. His drug abuse was harsh enough that it harmed his Hearing . Narcotics are substances that affect the body's functions. They can stimulate the Mind, make people depressed, or make them hyper. They are the most effective tool a Physician has to relieve severe pain. Narcotics are also given pre-operatively to Relieve anxiety and induce anesthesia. Marijuana, heroin, LSD, PCP, cocaine, and

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