Code of Ethics Paper

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Code of Ethics Paper
December 12, 2011

Everyday people have a code that they follow on a day to day basis. This code helps them make decisions about their life, careers and family. However, this type of code would only hurt or harm oneself. The medical code of ethics carry much more weight because they are dealing with people’s lives on a daily basis and one mistake could cost someone their life. Code of ethics is a system that applies values and judgments to the practice of medicine. As a scholarly discipline, medical ethics encompasses its practical application in clinical settings as well as work on its history, philosophy, theology, and sociology (American Medical Association, 2011). In this paper we will discuss how
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Those employed by places with conflicting values may find a degree of frustration draw from that conflict. Often times, those who are dealing with conflicts in values with their employer look for new employment due to their dislike of certain aspects of the company. Companies that have values that their employees relate to are afforded the opportunity to keep those employees on track with its mission and goals. It is much easier to reach a goal when your group or team has similar values. Confidence will remain high in a company and within its employees when values align. Rewarding and punishing may be a simpler task when values align. The reward or punishment may make more sense to the employees when values align. In conclusion, when the values between organizations and employees match there is a great chance that production will be high, missed days will be down, goals will be met and employees will be happy. It’s very important to match the values of your employer in order to keep harmony, balance and understanding in the work place. Corporations such as the Mayo Clinic take social responsibility very seriously. Corporate social responsibility is the integration of business operations and values, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including investors, customers, employees, the community and the environment are reflected in the company's policies and actions ( The

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