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Code of Ethics Team B HCS/335 June 6, 2011 Code of Ethics Introduction Code of ethics is very important with all the different organizations and businesses that are in the world today. This paper will explain why the code of ethics is important to the organizations, what the relationship between the organization’s culture and ethical decision making is, and is it important that the organization’s ethical values support an individual’s personal ethical values. Code of ethics help an organization on making important decisions and showing what the organization stands for, and how they can help the people. M.D. Anderson Hospital is very big on code of ethics and helping their patients, there are many goals they have, ethical…show more content…
We strive to combine the activities of patient care, prevention, education, and research to benefit not only patient’s currently receiving care but also future generations. In this diversity, there is often tension; therefore, we hold before us this Code of basic moral principles to guide our service and to bond patients and staff together in the difficult task of contending with cancer” (MD Anderson Cancer Center, 2010, p.1). Ethical values are very important to each organization and individual, if an organization wants to keep their patients it is very important that they follow their “preamble, code of ethics and values” that they have stated. Relationship between M.D. Anderson’s Culture and Ethical Decision-Making The MD Anderson Cancer Center is an organization prided on providing its patients and their families with the best care they can give. The organization’s culture and ethical decision-making is on the safety of the patient and how the organization can reduce the suffering of his or her patients. The MD Anderson Cancer Center understand that Curing disease, reducing suffering, and achieving an acceptable quality of life, looked upon by the patient with the help of health care professionals, are the central goal of the MD Anderson Cancer institution. The presence of cancer may justify, but not

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