Code of Ethics and Professional Dilemma: A Reflection

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Professional Dilemma Within any work environment there are should be a code of ethics that is set out so that conflicts can be avoided and people live or work together in unity. Therefore they should clearly be stipulated so that people can live and exist together in harmony. The code of ethics should be adhered to by each and every individual regardless of the status they have or post they hold in a particular area. This will ensure that no one offends another and everyone does what they are supposed o do without any form of conflict coming up. As a communications field contractor in Afghanistan for the US military there are various professional dilemmas and conflicting values that I go through since I work with the military personnel and yet am a civilian. This is especially from those who have posts within the military since they consider themselves on a higher level than others. This paper will therefore give a detailed description of my experience in Afghanistan in the communications field as contractor for the military working alongside people in the military especially those with various ranks. I experienced an unethical act of disrespect from a particular Navy Lt. who was known as Lt.B. We had no formal relationship with this Lt. It was just a normal relationship of us both know each other exist and that's about it. We did not interact on any personal level just the fact that we used to work in the same area the difference being the descriptions of our work

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