Essay on Code of Ethics and Security Case Study

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Code of Ethics and Security Case Study
December 20, 2010

As we examine the case of “Cop Gets 15 Years in Torture Case”, we evaluate from four different perspectives the different ethical theories; ethical relativism, ethical egoism, deontological ethics and ontological ethics to determine how the different perspectives support or condemn the conduct in this case study. The case involves the brutal sodomizing of a black male Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima by two white New York police officers in 1997 (Hays, 2000). Upon review of each perspective, we will recommend which ethical theory resolves the issue in a manner that supports the actions of the officers.

Code of Ethics and Security Case Study This case study
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39). By pleading not guilty to the charges, he served his own interests even though he was very much involved in the torture. According to definition, ethical egoism does not have to be harmful and Schwarz’s egoism is again a perfect example because the charges against his partner, Officer Justin Volpe, was not necessarily more due to the lesser sentence Judge Eugene Nickerson imposed on Schwarz.
Deontological Ethics In Greek Deontos translates to mean “obligation” or “duty.” Therefore, the deontological theory is also known as the obligation theory. “Deontological theorists judge the rightness or wrongness of an act on the basis of its obligatory nature” (Souryal, 2007, p. 70). Deontological theorists are not concerned with the consequences of action, nor are they concerned that the action may have been wrong or harmful. Furthermore, according to Souryal (2007), “assisting others is considered ethically right and no other consideration makes it wrong. The fact that assistance may later prove to be harmful makes no difference in the moral equation.” Consequently, deontological theorist would not have condemned the actions of officer Schwarz. Deontological theorists would view his action as correct because he had a duty to assist his fellow officer in the attack. Deontological theorists are not concerned with the result of action, or in

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