Code of Ethics for Marriage and Family Therapists

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This code of ethics recognizes that the practice of marriage and family therapy is complex and is not always black and white in terms of techniques utilized, how issues are approached, what modes of therapy are used and the methods used to deliver the therapies. I recognize that it is of the utmost importance that ethical standards are adhered to so that the care I provide is empathic, responsible, respectful, and professional. My conception of what becoming a marriage and family therapist entails has changed slightly. I am now more aware of the mindfulness required in this profession to ensure that the rights and safety of patients are always protected. The patient's rights, integrity, and confidentiality must never be compromised. Great care must be taken to ensure this by consciously learning and understanding the complete code of ethics so that it is the foundation of my practice.
Although I understand that all components of the code of ethics are of great importance, there are a few points in the code that especially resonated with me. First of all, there is a distinct responsibility to patients that must be upheld so that therapeutic services are used appropriately. Efforts need to be made to ensure that the…
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