Code of Ethics for a Fictional Company

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Code of Ethics for Fictional Company I. Objective The objective of this study is to create a code of ethics for a fictional company. Included will be Guiding Principles and a stated Purpose of the Code along with Core Values, Training and Education, Definitions, the employees that are covered under this code of ethics, how it will be implemented and communicated as well as enforced and reported. II. Introduction The fictional company in this study is a home health care agency that sends out nursing professionals to visit patients in their homes for the purpose of assessing the patient's mental and emotional state. The purpose of this company is to enable patients with mental and emotional illnesses and problems to remain home while receiving psychiatric care. While patients visit their psychiatrists on a regular basis, these patients were at one time considered a harm to themselves or others in society and this program monitors the mental status of the patients in between their regular scheduled visits with the psychiatrist. Most of these patients are single and reside alone making this company's service an important one for the patient and the community in which they live. III. Mission Statement The mission of this company is to provide the best possible patient assessment enabling patients to remain in their home rather than be institutionalized while receiving psychiatric care and to do so in professional and expert manner. IV. Guiding Principles The guiding
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