Code of Professional Conduct

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Discuss the main clauses of the code of professional conduct drawn up by the institute of public relations and summarise the importance of the code? The public affairs practice has many definitions one such definition is communicating with the public to create and sustain good mutual relations with a organisation or company. There are P.R. agents who work in-house and others which work for a agency where ever you work as a P.R. practitioner are certain codes of ethics you are asked to follow drawn up in the code of Lisbon drawn up in or the code of Athens drawn up im going to discuss the clause of the code of professional conduct drawn up by the public relations institute of Ireland on the 20th annual general meeting of the public…show more content…
Shall not offer public affairs consultancy services and simultaneously be a member of the Oireachtas, Northern Ireland Assembly, UK Parliament, European Parliament, or other parliaments or legislative assemblies. Shall not offer public affairs consultancy services for financial reward or other inducements and simultaneously be employed in the Public Service or engaged as a full time advisor to government. Shall, while attending any parliamentary or other representative assembly, national or local government building, observe the rules and procedures of that institution. B. Conduct towards clients / employers Recognise their duty of professional care to their clients and/or employers. Shall take all necessary steps to ensure that they are properly informed of their clients’ or employers’ relevant concerns and interests and shall at all times properly and honestly represent these interests. Shall properly inform clients about any potential conflicts of interest, or of any competing interests arising from their professional practice or other business, family or social associations. If it should emerge that an actual conflict of interest exists and it cannot be resolved, the member must cease
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