Codes And Principles Of Conduct Based On Values System

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Ethics relate to the rules, codes or principles of conduct based on values system (Becket and Maynard, 2013). Thus ethics can be seen as the practical application of values. Social work additionally identifies 'emancipatory values ' as its particular characteristics reflecting the fact that social work has a particular focus on the least powerful groups of society (Becket and Maynard, 2013). The BASW values statement is contained within the Code of Ethics. A portion of the primary values are: respect for human rights, the worth and dignity for all people, a responsibility to promote a social justice in relation to society and individuals and a professional integrity as a responsibility to uphold the values and principles of the profession…show more content…
The social worker should be aware of personal aspects of his values and how they might influence his decision making. For instance, towards the start of my course, I was anxious about working with people with addictions as I had a strong attitude towards the drug abuse. The course of the presentation into the Motivational interviewing made me re-evaluate my attitude, explore my biases and helped me to comprehend the significance of commitment regarding the social work values and ethics. 2. Professional Social Work Practice. Domain 1 of the PCF discusses Professionalism, professional commitments and use of self (TCSW, 2012). One of the vital focuses is a capacity to learn to use a range of approaches and sources of information. This course improved my comprehension of analytical and critical thinking. It discusses evaluating an information and not taking things for granted. For example, while composing the essays I have learned how to identify reliable sources of information to support my composition. For instance, some of the newspapers can promote a particular political ideology and present information in the light of their political interests. According to the National Readership Survey (Smith, 2017), the Guardian is seen as Britain’s most left-wing newspaper and the Independent was seen as broadly centrist. The Times were considered to be slightly right (Smith, 2017). Taking into account

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