Codes And Regulations On Campus

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As some colleges are consider placing speech codes and regulations on campus because of allegations concerning racist speech and harassment. There are some, such as, Cinnamon Stillwell and Charles R. Lawrence III, who are in favor of speech codes because they consider some of the actions a form of harassment. While others, such as, Harvey B. Silverglate, Greg Lukianoff, and Howard M. Wasserman opposes the codes and regulations because they insist that no matter how profane the speech, it is still protected under The First Amendment. Although there are legitimate concerns for implementing speech codes, these codes should not be placed on their student’s speech because they not only violate The First Amendment, but also promote the administrative abuse of power, along with causing students to self-censor their speech, while teaching them to hide and or suppress their unpopular beliefs. As they attempt to implement speech codes on college campuses, college administrators and those who support such regulations fail to acknowledge that by doing so they are violating the student’s First Amendment. The regulations are often worded and drafted carefully in order to survive any scrutiny. The intentions of these codes are to prevent and even punish the opinions, views, and beliefs of students that cause any controversy. An example of this can be found in Howard M. Wasserman’s essay, “Fan Profanity.” In his essay Wasserman argues that speech regulations at sporting events cannot
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