Codes Of Cultural Behavior : My Choice Of Country

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Assignment #2: Codes of Cultural Behavior My Choice of Country There are 196 countries in the world. All with their own unique way of life. All very interesting and very different. My country of choice for this assignment will be Vietnam. My ancestors and family all grew up and lived in Vietnam for most of their lives. I am the first person in my family to be born in the United States. Throughout my life, I 've been told so many different stories about Vietnam which has sparked my interest in it. I visited Vietnam back when I was three years old but do not remember anything of my trip. Growing up in America, my parents, aunts, and uncles, always compared how I grew up to how they grew up. They always told me know fortunate I was to be have grow up in such a great country. My childhood and my culture was influenced by this country. I hope to one day travel back to my parent 's homeland and this assignment could definitely help me understand the country much more. Brief Cultural Overview Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia. With many different ties, Vietnam didn’t truly become it’s own country until 1975. The Vietnamese culture is strongly influenced by traditional Chinese and French civilization. The country struggled with political independence for a long time. First with China then with France until after World War II. After World War II, Vietnam like other parts of Asia, communists were taking over. In August 1945, the “August Revolution” happened, led by Ho Chi Minh
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