Codes Of Ethics And Its Impact On Society

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Values are the principles, which a person defines to what is right, good and just. These values provide guidance in determining the right versus the wrong, the good versus the bad. These values are considered to be the fundamental beliefs and standards, based on which a person compares and evaluates his actions. So, basically values define a person’s behavior. These values can also be called as personal values. The paper will mostly be speaking about Engineers and their values. Engineers are considered to play a very important role in societal development. The practice of engineering has an inherent impact on society. So the values of an engineer should be taken very seriously as it is the values that defines his work. Engineers should first and foremost be aware of their values, if not; a list of values should be made by them based on their priorities. These values should be compared to their code of ethics to determine whether an individual’s values are right or wrong. Codes of ethics are adopted by different organizations to assist the members in understanding the difference between right and wrong. Based on these understanding one can make their decisions. Even Engineers have their code of ethics which they can use as guidelines while making decisions. One should sort out their priorities, if any, between their own values and the code of ethics as there may be a need of that in future when situation arises. The effect that an Engineer’s make is directly proportional to
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